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Our Offbeat Ladakh Trips

Ladakh is as exotic as it gets when you think of travel. Its remote location high up in the Himalayas, its magnificent landscapes unlike anywhere in the country, its monasteries humming divine chants to calm any stressed soul, all add to its magic & allure.

You MUST visit Ladakh at least once in your life! You might think it’s over hyped and not worth the big talk. Don’t believe that or you will be missing out on one of earth’s most favorite creations.

We, at Travel Dirty, with a hope to make tourism in Ladakh more experiential and immersive, invite you to join us! We’ve planned some wholesome wanderings for those with a hunger for deeper and more authentic experiences. All our trips are also planned keeping in mind local seasons and festivals to make your experience enriching in every way.

We currently plan 7 nights-8 days trips where we take you to some touristy and some unexplored places. Just go through our season calendar and call us!

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Lush apricot flower valleys, a pristine blue lake, starry nights, meditation in old monasteries, storytelling with locals & more



Picnics in lush meadows, painting by the river, laid back hikes, cooking with locals, village explorations & more

May - August


Vibrant fall colours, sparkling untamed rivers, abundance of fruits, a season’s first snowfall, cultural festivals & more

September - October


Ice-skating, fun road trips, snowball fights, hibernation by the kitchen fire, a colourful monastery festival & more

January - February 

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