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A note from our founder

"Even though I studied Law and German language & literature in my academic journey, it was only travel that truly taught me about life and human values. I always had an instinct for helping people, changing the world in my tiny way.

Who knew I'd get to do it through travel someday?!

I was born and raised in Pune, but In a dramatic turn of events (in which COVID played a big part), I moved base from Pune to Ladakh in September 2021.

Having observed that tourists currently only go to a few 'famous' spots and through conversations with locals, I realized the need for conscious tourism in Ladakh. It was then that I saw how Travel Dirty could contribute to the gap in tourism.


I now live in Ladakh and since 2022 I’ve been curating and facilitating offbeat, immersive and fun journeys across different parts of the region.”

- Aishwarya Phadke

Our story

Travel Dirty is a play on the phrase 'getting one's hands dirty' meaning to participate or get involved.


Started by a curious soul stuck in a cubicle, Travel Dirty is about ditching the ordinary and getting your hands dirty (literally and figuratively) on real adventures!

Aishwarya, our founder, dreamt of travel that was more than just ticking things off a list. In 2018, that dream became Travel Dirty, and now we're on a mission to craft unforgettable experiences in Ladakh and beyond!

Stay tuned for soulful adventures in Maharashtra and South India coming soon!

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