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We love travelling with Seniors

Hello. Are you 50 years or older and considering traveling more? If so, we’re happy you found us. Traveling can be an incredibly enriching and transformative experience at any age, but it holds particular benefits for seniors. 

After spending decades working and caring for others, you finally have more free time, resources, and a newfound sense of curiosity and openness to new experiences.


We are especially fond of seniors and our team has run multiple wellness projects for them over the years. So if you've always been fascinated by Ladakh, but somehow been a bit nervous to consider it, trust us to take you through a seamless experience. Our journeys are designed in a way that participants don't feel rushed from sight to sight, can actually relax, have warm conversations with locals, really see Ladakh and go back feeling rejuvenated. Our participants’ health and safety are our top priorities.


Senior Travellers' Wall


"The company's uniqueness is they design tours as per your requirements.We are artists from Pune & wanted to stay in artists' home in Leh. The company arranged this request & we stayed at the artist home very comfortably.
This offer is very different from others.
The other travel experience is also very nice & they take care of all with personal touch.
Thanks Aishwarya!"

Sucheta & Sharad


"The wisdom’s in the trees, not the glass windows"                                                                   - Jack Johnson

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