Who is it for?

Though we believe everyone can benefit from this style of travel, our special focus is on 5 types of groups!

Curious Souls

You may be an individual, a couple or a small group, but if you believe you want to travel unconventionally and if you want to meet other compassionate curious souls, we welcome you to our tribe!


Technology is a looming danger on the world, but more so on young impressionable minds. If you're a parent or educator and feel children need to be closer to nature and do grounding activities, it'll be our honor to plan their retreats!


The corporate life isn't easy and every once in a while you and your teammates need a day or two away from the city to unwind and find a connection with yourself and mother nature. We promise to make your offsite days remarkable for you!

Foreign Travelers

Are you an expat or visiting traveler in India? There's more to India than the experiences written about through blogs. We understand your concerns and would love to plan authentic travel plans for you according to your expectations. Trust us to find you some gems!

50+ Young-at-Hearts

Do you worry that your parents or grandparents aren't doing anything worthwhile? We hear you and we love planning days out for the 50+ young souls. So gift them an experience with us and help them make some new friends through travel!


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