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Spring Trips

After a long cold winter, the Apricot Blossom season marks a colourful beginning of spring. Valleys across Ladakh get draped in pink and white flowers and it;s a sight to behold. Unlike the cherry blossoms of Japan, Ladakh doesn’t attract big crowds (as yet) for the apricot blossom season, making it an even more desirable experience.

The apricot blossom season is a natural wonder worth witnessing! In this trip, we will be exploring Sham valley and Aryan valley in west Ladakh, staying with locals to immerse ourselves in their way of life, learning to cook Ladakhi food and much more, all the while sipping on delicious hot beverages.

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2023 Apricot Blossom trips have concluded

Next trip: 6th-13th April 2024

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