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Travel hangover

Creating memories through countless sunsets

"Last call for all passengers on flight ABC back to reality!” says the flight announcer, or what I hear from what she says. Travel time is over and it’s almost time to return to the big bad world to earn a living. I land and return home, exhausted, and I wonder what is really pulling me down. Next morning I wake up with a bad hangover, one that I know can’t be cured with some lime water, one that isn’t going to go away for days now: the TRAVEL HANGOVER!

A travel hangover is a condition, where after coming back from a travel, you’re back to your deadly routine and can’t cope. Everything seems pointless and mechanical. You have an urge of saying “F*** this shit, I’m going away and never coming back” every 2 minutes, and you’re caught daydreaming about the beach you were lazing at or about the mountain you were descending, just 2 days earlier. A travel hangover is unhealthy for your eyes (that crave soothing sights) and for your heart (that longs for a starry night. It can only be avoided by avoiding travel, but we all know we can’t quit and we won’t. ‘Fernweh’ is what kids these days are calling it: a longing for a far off place, the opposite of homesickness.

The cure? There are a few, actually:

1. The easiest, pack your bags and leave;

2. If you can’t do no.1, look at pictures and share your pain with your travel friends, who are most likely to understand your pain;

3. Relive travel memories by calculating, “last week, this time, I was doing this” and feel the bittersweet joy of it;

4. The hardest of all, accept that you’re back and jump into the routine with a smile.This is the smartest one I believe: Travel every month, even if it’s a small weekend trip, so while dealing with one travel hangover, you have another trip to plan.

Whatever happens, keep traveling and keep the curiosity alive!

“Last call for passengers on flight XYZ to next travel destination!”

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