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Don't miss those along the way!

Every once in a while, go on an adventure by yourself, or with someone with a brave heart like you;

Because on adventures like these, when you’re waiting to catch a bus, or just tying your shoes, you’ll meet someone you were meant to bump into.

You’ll be strangers at first because you can’t go prepared for fate, so you’ll say your gentle hellos, but soon stories will start to flow like the stream next door, of a world you didn’t know as true.

They’ll tell you of that time they spent a winter in the mountains, as a shepherd grazing his sheep, and you’ll return the favor by telling them of the time you went fishing but thought it's a cruel thing to do.

“Have we met before? Oh, but that can’t be, ‘coz we met just today!” -“The ways of the world are mystic, my friend and what you feel, they call the ‘traveler’s déjà vu’!”

A feeling of having met a soul just alike, that’s always got stories to tell, their eyes full of hope and making friends on the go, en route someplace, just like every bird that flew.

They come in different shapes and forms, sometimes an old man, sometimes a dog, the trick is to always be open, open to conversations in different languages of the world, open to greatness coming through.

These strangers have powers ‘coz they’ve seen the world, a wisdom that only comes with time, so it’s important to not miss those along the way, ‘coz they may change everything you thought you knew.

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