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Can I Travel Sustainably?

Imagine going on your favorite travel trip enjoying nature and not having to worry about harming the environment. Well, that’s sustainable travel!

What are some myths about sustainable travel?

There are numerous myths regarding sustainable travel. Some of these myths are that sustainable travel is expensive, there is no clear definition of ‘responsible tourism, and that sustainable travel takes away all your comforts. However, sustainable travel is not all that bad.

What is sustainable travel?

Have you ever been on a travel trip that allowed you to play with the mud, making beautiful pots? Or ever been on a trip where you stayed at a local house in the village? Enjoying every bit of your travel journey? Well! With this, sustainable travel has so much more to offer!

Small steps one can take to travel sustainability?

Sustainable travel is definitely possible. It does include multiple factors such as addressing the needs of the travelers and the community and keeping track of social, economic, and environmental impacts. However, given below are some pretty easy steps to follow and make all of our travel journeys easy and sustainable.

Tiny-Tiny steps:

  • Travel emission-free through motorbikes instead of cars or using electric trains or biodiesel busses while traveling long distances. (Favours in reducing carbon emissions).

  • Buy local food, jewelry, clothing, or other shopping materials from the local shopkeepers. (This enables social development and further fuels economic development).

  • Perish your marks: Do not leave behind any waste or dispose of waste at the wrong place or dustbins. Respect the site and keep it clean as you would at your own house.

  • Plan your stay by booking less expensive hotels and stay at places that are more eco-friendly or at places that are owned by the locals.

The given action steps enables us to meet the needs of the visitors and also enables us to travel sustainably.

Who or what can help me travel sustainability?

Following the small steps can be a good guide to travel sustainability. Similarly, there are certain organizations and travel agencies that are built on the idea of sustainability. Planning your travel with such agencies and organizations can help you further travel sustainably. This will also favor you to widen your knowledge about sustainable travel as you get to learn along your sustainable travel journey. Moreover, reading more blogs and researching a little more on sustainable travel is definitely helpful in teaching you about sustainable travel.

Benefits and impact of sustainable travel.

While traveling to any village area, have you purchased food stocks or other necessary items from a local shop? Or even like traditional jewelry belonging to the village traditions or to a particular culture? A big high-five to you! You just added some extra money into the pockets of these shopkeepers and boosted their confidence to sell at their business.

Well, taking care of the environment we travel to is a part of us all being travelers. To be very honest with you, it’s easy!

Sustainability is our responsibility.

Travel is experimental, sustainable and soulful.


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