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At the core of all human activity is ‘connection’. Be it with nature, other human beings, or ourselves, we all have the need to feel a sense of community.


Many of us, however, have invisible walls around us, sometimes created by ourselves. They hold us back from connecting with our world. How do we bring down these walls and find wholesomeness?

In a world where we're feeling more and more disconnected from ourselves and from each other, Travel Dirty is a compassionate revolution!


We are on a mission to build communities of conscious people. Travel just happens to be a really fun and effective vehicle to reach the goal. 

A Travel Dirty experience is all about slowing down, being mindful and falling in love with the world.


We visit unseen places, learn life lessons from local people, share stories through participant-led sessions, cook delicious food with locally sourced ingredients, sit in silence and observe each passing moment to the fullest. 

Tourism in general can be highly unsustainable owing to the high carbon footprint generated through transport, high energy consumption in hotels, the overall waste generation, etc. On the other hand, tourism, more than any other leisure activity, has the potential to expose us to unadulterated natural environments and to open our eyes to how we can be more responsible consumers on this planet.

Owing to its unique geography and harsh natural conditions, responsible and conscious tourism is the need of the hour in Ladakh. Ladakh is an extremely eco-fragile region which opened its doors for tourism barely 50 years ago. With its high altitude, long harsh winters, and mostly barren desert lands, it cannot be treated as any other regular travel destination. It is under a lot of stress because of mindless, touristy, consumptive tourism.

Ladakh needs tourism, but not mass tourism. What it needs is gentle, conscious visitors who will tread lightly on its land, not have unrealistic urban demands, and will adapt to the local ways of life. All stakeholders (government, travel companies, hotels, cafes, shops, and travelers) need to understand their responsibility and move to more sustainable ways wherever possible.

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“…And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again- to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.”

~ Pico Iyer

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