The Experience Menu Card

These are our tried and tested recipes of soulful travels.

Gather a group of 10 or more and let us plan a Travel Dirty style experience for you!

Category 1: Two day or longer experiences


All about the Coastal Life


All about Quaint Mud-houses


All about Holistic Living


You may have been a regular at the beach, but we can bet that you've never experienced a coastal village this way.

Climb trees, bathe a buffalo and learn to make modaks in this fun experience!


A quaint little mud-house in the outskirts of Pune that will make you rethink your life in the city.

Cook on the mud hearth, go for a swim in the lake and paint some rocks in this soulful experience!


Amidst the touristy hill stations of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, yet away from the crowds, lies a nature lover's dream house.

Take part in workshops, help on the farm and cook in a beautiful kitchen in this colorful experience.


All about Forest Communities


All about Organic Living


All about Beaches and Mountains


Learn about a forest collective working on rainwater harvesting and protection of forests.

Go on a forest foods walk, watch the rain pour down and bathe at the well in this serene experience!


An organic farm that produces the healthiest fruits and vegetables with the support of Gir cows. 

Learn the village ways, tend to the cows and be a farmer for a bit in this rustic experience.


A place where you won't have to choose between beaches and mountains and get a little bit of both.

Play games at the beach, watch stars at night and fly kites in this colorful experience.


Category 2: Short overnight camping experiences



Experience this popular fort of Pune in an unconventional way.

Learn to pitch your own tents, eat curd from earthen pots and explore the fort at peace in this camping experience!


A hike up to a village of only 4 houses to listen to the sound of peace.

Learn to pitch your own tents, make fire and cook your own food in this wilderness experience!


Category 3: One day experiences

Plan a day out close to mother nature by talking to us and choosing from our partner locations on the outskirts of Pune.

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