Our Guiding Principles

Every trip you take has the potential of becoming a treasure box of long last memories. Every travel you go on has the potential to change something within you. Travel Dirty, born out of this realization aims to help people travel mindfully and grow through experiences.
‘Travel Dirty’, a play on the phrase ‘getting your hands dirty’ is named so, based on the belief that one learns better by doing than watching. E.g. Getting involved in a farm activity with a local will teach you more about the hardships and complexities of farming than by just observing and taking notes. Travel Dirty plans experiences in villages and in forests, to farms and to mountains, but irrespective of where you go, what you do there matters. Sightseeing is replaced by community work, selfies are replaced by conversations with the locals and mindless fun is replaced by mindful relaxation.

In this booming age of globalization, the persisting worry that we may be forgetting our roots motivates Travel Dirty to curate simplistic grounding experiences. As a mission, Travel Dirty aims to remind people of the simple bare necessities of life through its unique travel style. It may be spending two days in a forest with no electricity or a day in a 100 year old village home with cow dung smeared floors; plastering walls at a mud house or planting rice saplings in the pouring rain; painting rocks with views of the lake or writing postcards to a long lost friend, Travel Dirty helps you reconnect with yourself and your surroundings and have fun through it all.

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How the idea was born & the curious mind behind it

Travel Dirty came into being when, on one November afternoon in 2017, some meandering thoughts of a person, bored to death in office, were taken seriously. I stopped and wondered why it had taken me so long to reach this realization! My mind raced, “I have to do something about this”, but what exactly did I want to do? Tonnes of travel startups were doing everything there was to do with travel; What value would I add?

Traveling deeper had helped me grow and I decided to facilitate similar simplistic, grounding experiences for people. "I will plan one trip to start with!", I promised myself realistically. That weekend became a reminder that this was my calling and so it began. 

As no other name came even slightly close to representing all that I wanted to offer, TRAVEL DIRTY became the final choice. The scope of everything that could be done under the name was so wide that till date I keep playing with the edges of my comfort zone and encourage participants to do the same.

My name is Aishwarya and I'm the founder of Travel Dirty. I believe we all have to choose a vehicle to drive impact in the world we live in and I've chosen travel. I try to plan and facilitate all trips with compassion, generosity, and kindness as the core values and hope to build a tribe of incredible human beings through this venture. 


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